Episode 8: Travel

Keto at home is one thing, but Keto on the road? Quite another. Karen and Mark talk about their strategies for vacations, road trips, and visiting in this travel episode. What are the best snacks to pack? The best ways keep your fat intake where you want it? (Hint: Butter features prominently). 
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Keto Kids
Snack Packs! If you are on the go and want to keep your energy high and your brain firing on all cylinders, you are going to want a Keto Snack Pack with you on your journey. Let’s talk about how to pack it. Come on, Vamanos!

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Episode 7: Interview with Keto Kids

Karen and Mark interview their kids, Campbell (8) and Gia (9) about what it has been like growing up in a Keto house for the past three years. They talk about what they eat at home, outside of home, and how Keto changed their parents. 


Recipe: Keto Pancakes


Keto Kids
Campbell (8) and Gia (9) role play situations that can come up when you are trying to make good decisions, but temptation happens…




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Episode 6: Cheating

It happens. Sometimes it happens because you want it to, sometimes it happens because of what is available to you, sometimes it happens mindlessly – but you know what is worse than “cheating”? carrying shame about it and letting it define you. Come on kids, there is no cheating, only choices. So, let’s talk about how to cheat mindfully and how to move forward positively. 

Keto Kids 
Let’s talk about what happens when you put some not-so-keto foods into your body. Maybe you had fries with a burger, or pizza at a celebration. Now what? Now we go on making good choices and forgiving ourselves, that’s what!

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Episode 5: Peer Pressure

Karen and Mark talk about eating Keto in a world where not everyone accepts it as a valid choice. 

Making the mindful choice of changing your way of eating can bring some criticism and that can wear on wear on you. We are discussing how we manage judgement and keep our sanity, and how we arm our kids to do the same. 


Recipe Chicken Parmesan 

This is a Karen classic recipe, which means it is somewhat improvisational. Here is the essence of the now infamous chicken parm:

-Cut chicken into strips

-Dip chicken into mayo/egg mixture

-Dip coated chicken into pork rind crumbs, Parmesan, and spices (basil, oregano. thyme,…) 

-Fry in butter

-Lay out chicken strips in casserole dish 

-Make a red sauce in the crock pot. Start with canned tomatoes and add spices, butter and cream to taste – but make sure to sneak in the fat. 

-Cover chicken in red sauce 

-Cover in shredded mozzarella 

-Add some spices on top

-Bake for about 25 minutes at 350

-Take out of the oven, eat it all up and love your life!


Keto Kids

No body can chase you if you don’t run. 

Peer pressure can be tough, but you are tougher. If criticism comes at you, step aside!

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Episode 4: Celebrating Holidays!

Celebrating is fun. Holidays and traditions are important.  But, they can also be a challenge when we are trying to take care of ourselves. In this show, Karen and Mark talk about rethinking the way we mark milestones and honor ceremonies. 

Let’s brainstorm about fun things to do and different ways to incorporate food and treats into our merrymaking!



Recipe Pumpkin Whoopie Pies


Keto Kids

Food is fun and holiday food can be even more fun. 

We have two classic Keto recipes that can be altered for any time of year, and any event. What can you do to these to make them right for your holiday?

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Episode 3: Transitioning Your World to Keto

Change can be exciting and empowering, but it often comes with a sense of loss as well. Making changes to your environment and finding delicious substitutes for your comfort foods are great ways to ease the transition. 

Recipe Taco Shells

Keto Kids “Oh no! I can’t have THAT again?!?!” Discover great replacements for your favorite foods. 


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The Keto Families podcast pilot

The pilot episode of “The Keto Families Podcast” first appeared syndicated within episode 79 of “The 2 Keto Dudes” podcast.

You can listen to that directly here, or by subscribing to that podcast.